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 Every family will receive a manila envelope to use through the dance year.  Tuition is due by the 10th of every month. Please submit it to the teacher or office.   

~ Tuition (as per your contract) is due by the 10th of each month, regardless of what day of the week the 10th falls on. We usually hand the envelopes to the dancer the week before the 10th.  Please look in your dancer’s dance bag for your manila tuition payment envelope. If the dancer misses class or you do not receive your envelope it is still your responsibility to have it submitted by the 10th.  If class is cancelled on the 10th due to inclement weather, it is due the very next day. 

~ A $15 late fee will be incurred if payment is received after the 10th.

~ Checks are made payable to:  In Motion Dance Center Inc. or exact cash only please.

~ Checks returned due to insufficient funds are subject to a $25 charge.

~ No refunds are given for a missed or cancelled class.  All classes are to be paid for regardless of absence or  cancellations.

~ Tuition is the same no matter how many classes are in the month.


**Please contact Tom Swetz in the office for ANY business or payment related issues.  Either leave a message at 845-724-4456 or email at


Dance Attire


Please visit Balletomania (near Rte 44 and 55 and not too far from Adam’s Fair Acre Farms) in Poughkeepsie for all your dance attire/shoe needs. They have our list of what is needed.


Girls Dance Attire ~ There is practical as well as aesthetic reasons for this. It is beneficial for the dancer to wear clothing that is breathable and enables them to stretch properly.  A cotton/lycra and or spandex material is best.


~ Bodysuits must be worn.  It can be pink, white or black with long, short or tank style sleeves. All bodysuits need to be solid colors, no writing, even if dance related. Dancers may not wear baggy shirts of any kind over their bodysuits. 

~ All dancers must wear tights, biker length shorts, capri pants, or leggings.   This will protect their legs during floor work as well as keep their muscles warm.  Tights must be white, pink, tan or black.  Baggy pants are not allowed.


Hair: All hair lengths even bobbed cut must be worn off of the face, neck and out of eyes.   Ponytails and buns are perfect.  If the ponytail can reach the dancer’s cheek it must be worn in a bun.  Please keep extra hair ties etc in your dancer’s bag. 


Dance bag:  Dancers should have their dance shoes in a dance bag to bring into the dance room.  Please leave all belongings, i.e. street shoes, clothing, etc., in the dressing area.  The bag needs to be large enough to hold their dance shoes, any handouts, and their tuition envelope (6x9 envelope).  Please write dancer’s LAST name in all dance shoes.



The dancer may wear a pink, black, or white skirt.  It should have an elasticized waistband.  Waistbands that tie are too complicated for the young dancers.   No tutus please.  Legwarmers may also be worn.


Jewelry (i.e. earrings, watches, bracelets, silly bandz, etc.) is not allowed.


Shoe Requirements for Combo Classes


Tap/Ballet Combo:  Pink ballet slippers and tan tap shoes with buckle or ribbon ties.  Please tie a double knot in any strings on the ballet slippers.  If the double knot is longer than one inch, cut off the excess.  Tuck strings inside slippers.   Please replace any ribbon ties on tap shoes w/ ¼” wide elastic inserted through eyelets and sew together.  Do not purchase bedroom slippers that look like ballet slippers.  Dancers need to feel the floor and those slippers do not allow that.



Shoe Requirements for All Other Classes


Tap ~ Black tap oxford (i.e. Capezio CG55), not all tap oxfords are suitable.   It is highly recommended you ask the instructor for suggestions.

Ballet ~ Pink split sole, tie a double knot in any strings.  If double knot is longer than one inch, cut off the excess.  Tuck strings inside shoes.  

Jazz  and Street Jazz~ Tan split sole, lace up or slip on style.

Hip Hop ~ Solid Black (no colored laces or stitching) dance sneakers

Pointe shoes ~ to be discussed during first dance class of the season.

Modern ~ flesh tone color foot undies


Boy’s Dance Attire/Shoes


~ Black sweatpants (not too baggy) w/ an elasticized cuff.

~ Plain white short sleeve t-shirt, snug fitting, tucked in pants. 


Tap ~ Black tap oxford

Ballet ~ Black ballet slippers.  Tie a double knot in any strings.  If double knot is longer than one inch, cut off the excess.  Tuck strings inside shoes.

Hip Hop ~ Solid Black (no colored laces or stitching) dance sneakers

Jazz ~ tan split sole jazz oxford with laces or slip on style.

Modern ~ flesh tone color foot undies


It is helful for all dancers to have a dance bag.   It needs to be large enough to hold their dance shoes, any handouts, and their tuition envelope (6x9 envelope).  Please write dancer’s LAST name in all dance shoes.




~ Attendance is crucial however if the dancer is sick please do not have them come to class.   Please call the studio if the dancer is going to be absent.

~ Please contact the office immediately if your child decides to drop out of dance.  If this decision takes place after the last class in February, you will still be responsible for those last months’ tuition.  Please understand this is a tremendous inconvenience to the dancers and teachers since missing even 1 dancer changes the spacing and other dynamics of learning and choreographing a dance routine.

~ More than 3 absences during the last 3 months before the recital is unacceptable for all involved therefore we have the right to not allow the dancer to perform in the recital.




We will follow the Arlington School District Calendar for the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas/Holiday Recess, Spring Recess, and Memorial Day.  An email will inform you of any other or additional holiday closings or changes. 




We follow the Arlington School District for ALL WEATHER RELATED delays.  If the schools are on a 2-hour delay, morning classes will begin 1 hour later than regular time.   When there is a delay, all afternoon and evening classes will remain on their regular schedule. 

If school or afternoon activities are cancelled, classes may still be in session. Because of our large enrollment it is not possible to call and notify students about classes being cancelled.  Please call the studio at least 30 minutes before your scheduled class to hear a recorded message.

Makeups ~ There are 2 weather related cancellations built into each classes’ schedule.  If more than 2 are used we will do our best to schedule a makeup that works for everyone’s schedule.  Tuition is not prorated, refunded, nor deducted from your monthly rate if you are unable to attend the makeup.


--Our dance recital usually takes place sometime in June. The date, time, and place have yet to be determined. All information regarding the recital and costumes will be announced as soon as possible.   A $50.00 costume deposit per class per dancer will be required no later than the first week of November.  Total cost of costumes is between $60 and $85.  Any alterations are the responsibility/expense of the parent.  All costumes will be ordered in December.  Once ordered, whether the dancer attends the recital or not, you are responsible for its balance.

--Rehearsals at the recital location are mandatory by ALL.  If there is a conflict you must let us know in writing 3 months prior to the recital. 

--For the consideration of the other dancers and the teacher, we must know no later than 3 months prior to the recital or earlier, if the dancer is not going to participate.  Please inform us in writing (not email).  Whether the dancer misses the recital entirely or even just one performance it is unacceptable and inconsiderate to not give the instructor and fellow dancers ample time to change the choreography.  

--If the dancer will not be in the entire recital, they may not dance on stage during rehearsals.

--Ticket order forms will be distributed in May.  You may purchase as many tickets as you need.  Tickets are approximately $14 all seats.




For the safety of everyone, the In Motion Staff will not release a dancer unless the parent/guardian is physically in the studio.  If someone other than the regular pick up person will be taking your child home, we need to be informed. 

If you have an older dancer and want them to meet you outside, please give us this in writing.     





-- Please keep voices down in the lobby.  It filters into the dance rooms and office areas.

--All children must be chaperoned at all time.     

--No street shoes are allowed in the dance rooms.  This includes parents and siblings.




Please check your email frequently for important information/announcements. We will also post them in the studio and on Facebook.  Our Facebook page is In Motion Dance Center Lagrangeville. If you do not have internet access or e-mail please let the office know in writing.

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