Additional Safety Protocol: The staff will disinfect and clean high touched surfaces such as barres, door knobs, bathrooms, etc, in between classes and a very specific cleaning protocol will occur after each day’s classes.

  • Masks are required for all ages throughout the studio at all times. If necessary we will take mask breaks. 

  • Our air conditioners at IMDC pull 100% fresh air into the dance rooms to increase the flow of fresh air. 

  • We have staggered certain class times to allow for social distancing.

  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be located throughout the studio and used when needed.

Lobby: To help control the spread of Covid-19 we are limiting our lobby to dancers only. All dancers should arrive already dressed (hair done as well)in their proper dance attire. Parents of 3 and 4 year olds, and K and 1st grade classes may help their dancer with their shoes but must leave immediately. Bathrooms are available for our dancers only. Eating is not allowed unless you have more than two classes in a row. 

Dance Bags/ Shoes/ Water bottles: Please have your dancer’s dance bag contain only their dance shoes and/or dance class related belongings. Your dancer may bring a water bottle however it must be spill proof. Dance shoes may NOT be worn in the street. Dancers must change into dance shoes once inside the studio. 

Dance Room Procedures/Social Distancing/Props:
As their dance space, we have taped out 6 foot boxes on both dance room’s floors. Please do not think of this as a confinement but rather a visual tool to clearly mark their space for distancing and spatial purposes. They will also have the opportunity to dance across the floor following additional markings around the edges of the room to continue to maintain their social distance. For sanitary reasons, dancers will return to their original box once across the floor work is complete. Pictures of our classroom spacing will become available on our website as soon as possible. Minimal props will be used during this time and all dance equipment will be sanitized between classes. Dancers will not share props during a single class period.