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Recital and Winter Showcase: At this time, our biggest challenge will be finding an affordable venue. Dates and Rehearsals are traditionally in December (Winter Showcase) and June (Recital). We will try our best to adhere to that timing however we may be at the mercy of the venue’s schedule. We will be happy to share more information regarding dates, ticket sales, tshirts, etc as soon as we have updates. All rehearsals and performances are mandatory. 

Costume cost: Recital costume cost is between $75-$85/costume. A $60/costume deposit is due in December with balances due in March. Winter showcase costume cost is between $40-$60. A deposit of $40 is due in October with balances due in November. Once costumes are ordered, you are responsible for the balance. 

New Policy: Tickets for either Winter Showcase or Recital: All families are required to purchase 4 tickets for one performance or 6 if there are two performances. This will help offset the expenses required to have a recital. We appreciate your understanding!

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