Recital: With so much uncertainty we can not guarantee that we will be able to have a recital. At this time, our biggest challenge will be finding an affordable venue which will allow both audience members and dancers the ability to social distance and dance safely. We will plan, work on dance routines to our theme of I Love Music, figure out costuming, etc in hopes that all things will go back to normal in the spring/early summer. 

Recital Dates and Rehearsals: are traditionally in June. We will try our best to adhere to that however we may be at the mercy of the venue’s schedule.  Once we have updates we will be happy to share. 

Costumes: Cost is between $75-$85. If possible our plan is the costumes worn this past spring. Many costume companies still have stock so if you are a new dancer in a class we should be able to order one for you. We will collect costume deposits ($60/costume) for any costumes needed once we know the status of a recital.