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Attendance:  Please email the studio if your dancer is going to be absent. Too many absences before any performance is unacceptable for all involved therefore we have the right to not allow the dancer to participate.


Withdrawals: Please contact the office immediately if your child decides to discontinue. If this decision takes place after the last class in March, you are responsible for the remaining dance season's tuition as well as any remaining fees.

Zoom: On the off chance we have to go back to online classes: Like most dance studios the pandemic has greatly impacted our enrollment. We understand that online zoom classes can never take the place of in person learning however we’ll need your commitment in the event that we need to return to online Zoom classes. We are requiring anyone who is considering withdrawing from our program to fulfill a financial obligation for at least 2 additional months once Zoom begins. The financial hardship that has already impacted IMDC will have even greater consequences if we do not have your commitment in place. We appreciate your understanding and support to keep In Motion alive.

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