***NEW!!  Dress Code Attire and Shoe Requirements
Girl's Dance Attire: New dress code ***
All articles of clothing must be either pink, black or white. Bodysuits must be worn. It may be worn with a snug fitting IMDC logo t-shirt or cami. Legs must be completely covered therefore tights ( tan, black or pink), black or pink leggings or shorts with tights and/or leggings must be worn. Skirts may also be worn. 
worn off of the face and neck and out of eyes. Headbands for short hair. Ponytails and buns are perfect.    
For your dancer’s safety and the safety of others, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or dangling earrings may not be worn. Small stud (non dangling) earrings are permitted.
Boy’s Dance Attire:  New dress code ***
Black sweatpants (not too baggy) with an elasticized cuff worn with a plain white or IMDC logo t-shirt.  
Shoe Requirements

Tap/Ballet Combo:
Girls: Pink ballet slippers and tan tap shoes with buckles or velcro strap (no ribbon ties please). Boys: Black tap lace ups and black ballet slippers. Please do not purchase from Target, Walmart, etc.

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo:
Girls: Tan, split sole slip on style. Boys wear the same but in black.
Girls and Boys: Black lace up tap oxford i.e. Capezio or Bloch brands. Toe must be sturdy to be able to do toe stands. No patent leather or buckled shoes. Please do not purchase from Target, Walmart, etc.  

Girls: Pink split sole.
Boys: Black split sole
Tie a double knot in any strings. If the double knot is longer than one inch, cut off the excess.    

Jazz: Tan split sole, slip on style.

Hip Hop: Solid black (no colored laces or stitching) dance sneakers. Please purchase dance sneakers not street sneakers. 

Pointe shoes: Pink. We recommend your dancer be fitted at a dancewear store therefore buying online is not recommended. Please call the store to see if an appointment is needed.

Lyrical: see jazz shoes listed above.