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Drop off & Pick-Up Safety Procedures:

  • Dancers should arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class. 

  • At the end of class, a staff member will escort the class to the lobby to pick up their belongings before exiting. They will remain with the dancers until all students have been picked up. Please be on time.

  • In the event that you are running late, the fastest way to contact IMDC is by calling our studio 845-724-4456.

Covid Safety Protocol:

We will continue to administer hand sanitizer as your dancer enters the studio.  There will be additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio and may be used when needed.  


Dancers leave all of their belongings in the lobby. Please hang up any coats and leave their street shoes under the benches,  Dancers may use the bathroom if they need to change. Only non-messy snacks may be eaten before class.

Dance Bags/ Shoes/ Water bottles:

Please have your dancer’s dance bag contain only their dance shoes and/or dance class related belongings. Your dancer may bring a water bottle however we appreciate a spill proof with a flip up straw. Dance shoes may NOT be worn in the street. Dancers must change into dance shoes once inside the studio. Please keep a supply of hair ties or headbands in their bag.  Write last names inside dance shoes.

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