Class descriptions 2021
Nursery School/ Pre-K, K through 2nd grade 
Tap/Ballet and Jazz/ Hip Hop Combos
Our objective is to introduce and foster a love of dance within these genres while playing appropriate music and teaching age appropriate choreography. 
We will focus on fine and gross motor skills, musicality, music appreciation, listening skills, following directions and taking turns, learning directions (right and left) and pathways, coordination, dance terminology, and MORE while having fun! At times, props will be used. 
All other age groups:
Ballet and Pointe 
Our class will consist of weekly barre and center floor warm ups and across the floor and center combinations. Our focus will be to improve technique, balancing, increase knowledge of terminology, articulate feet and ankles, increase flexibility and strength, musicality, poise, etc all while enjoying this beautiful art form. Our music choices are varied between classical and instrumentals of current Pop, Broadway, etc. 
Hip hop
Our one hour long class consists of warm ups, conditioning, across the floor exercises and a center floor combination. Jazz technique and tricks (I.E.splits, kicks, leaps, pirouettes etc) will also be taught so dancers are able to execute movements for a more polished and exciting performance. Music and choreography will be clean and appropriate. Class time will be used to learn new hip hop techniques out in center, as well as across the floor, and choreography. At the beginning of the year, small combinations will be taught from week to week to practice the ability to pick up and learn choreography. As the year progresses, class time will be dedicated to learning a piece of choreography, incorporating learned techniques throughout the year, that will be showcased at the end-of-year recital. 
Our one hour long class consists of warm ups, conditioning, leaps, jumps,kicks, pirouettes and across the floor exercises and a center floor combination. Because jazz is ballet based, dancers will also learn ballet terminology and technique. Music and choreography will be clean and age appropriate.

Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz dance that often uses music with lyrics to inspire the movements of the dancer. Choreographers use the lyrics from the song to inspire the dance and the result is a style that focuses on strong emotion as well as a more individual approach than other dance styles. The dancer’s movements emit emotion and tell the story of the song. Many types of music are used, some which may include pop, rock and blues as well as hip-hop and music from around the world.
This one hour long class will consist of barre and/or center floor warm-ups, across the floor exercises and center floor choreography. While learning terminology and coordination our dancers will enhance their musicality (matching their sounds along with the music) and listening skills to make clear sounds as they enjoy this art form. We mainly teach in the Broadway style  of tap however a bit of Rhythm tap may also be sprinkled in (depending on the instructor).