Attendance is crucial however we understand if the dancer is absent due to sickness or an emergency. Please email us if the dancer is going to be absent. More than 3 absences during the last 3 months before the recital is unacceptable for all involved therefore we have the right to not allow the dancer to perform in the recital. 


~ Please contact the office immediately if your child decides to discontinue. If this decision takes place after the last class in February, you are responsible for the remaining dance season's tuition as well as the costume balance.



Please give your dancer 5+ minutes before the start of class to put on shoes, fix hair etc. They are considered late if they arrive at the time the class starts.


Lobby and Dance Rooms ~ 

We welcome siblings to wait quietly for their dancer. However please bring a quiet activity to help pass the time. 

~ Please do not walk on the dance floors with your street shoes. This includes parents and siblings.

~ Eating and drinking is not encouraged however if necessary please make sure to clean up and take all garbage home. 


Studio Closings

The studio will be closed for Halloween (Oct 31), Thanksgiving Recess (Nov 27-Dec 1), Winter Recess (Dec 23-Jan 1), Spring Recess (April 6-12), and Memorial Day (May 22-25).  We will send an email if there are any other changes or additions.  


Inclement Weather/Make-ups

If schools are closed or afternoon activities are cancelled, dance classes may still be in session. Because of our large enrollment, it is not possible to contact everyone via phone. When in question, please check your emails, Facebook, or call the studio at least 30 minutes before your scheduled class. 

Make-ups ~ There are 2 cancellations (weather related or other) built into each classes’ schedule.  If more than 2 are used, we will do our best to schedule a makeup that works for everyone’s schedule. Tuition is not prorated, refunded, or credited if you are unable to attend the makeup or if a makeup can not be offered.


Information and Announcements 

Important information will be emailed, posted in the studio, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our Facebook page is In Motion Dance Center Lagrangeville: our Twitter account is InMotionDanceCenter; our Instagram account is inmotiondancefamily.  


Social Media/Releases

In Motion Dance Center may take photographs and/or videos of the dancers and parents as needed for its record keeping, advertising, website, social media and/or public relations projects. The dancer's full name will never be used. Dancers, parents and or legal guardians do not have the right to these photos or videos and will not be compensated.

Copyright: Please ask permission before reposting or sharing any videos.

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